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      I make this plea as a Season Ticket holder from the Lockhart days; I have ridden the ups and downs of this program. It is time for a change from the top down. For the last 4 years I have been complete unimpressed with our “VP” and Athletic Director. His questionable removal of Pelini, was terminated for not timely reporting conduct of another coach, per Dennis Crudele’s statement, please. Personally I think it was the wishes of the new AD to bring in “his guy”. Them to replace Pelini with head coach with zero college head coaching experience or any experience as an Offense or Defense coordinator. Maybe you should have promoted the Offensive Coordinator that finished the season on a 4-0 run? Partridge’s claim to fame is as a South Florida Recruiter and Defensive Line Coach. Great hire him a head of recruiting, by way where are those star Florida recruits he brought in? This experiment as a Head Coach is an utter failure. Please go look at the Stats over the last 3 years, the offense has actually maintained a consistent performance. Meanwhile the defense has progressively gotten worse every year. In 2013 the team gave up 30+ in 4 games, in 2014 (1st year) it was 10 games, (2nd year) dropped to 6, and this year they are 4 for 4 in giving up 30+, unless you count K State as two 30 point losses. But wait we hired a defensive line guru??? After this weeks “typical” FAU performance we are destined for another 3-9 season. The idea of going 5-3 to even be considered Bowl eligible is almost laughable. It time to call for a in FAU’s athletic program starting with the Athletic Director followed by the Head Coach.

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