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Friday's Daily Briefing: Jean continues to impress at Shrine Game

A group of us were at Hooters on Monday for ESPN 760's FAU Sportspage featuring the Mike Jarvis radio show when we looked up at the TV and saw video from that day's East-West Shrine Game practice.

Inclement weather forced the practice indoors, forcing players to run through the workouts in a hotel ballroom.

The video prompted a race to say what what we all were thinking: Lester Jean should feel pretty comfortable.

After all, FAU has been known to hold practices and walk-throughs just about anywhere, including ballrooms.

“I want surprised at all,” Jean told me on Thursday. “I was like, this is Coach Schnellenberger. This is something he would do. There was not a question at all. It was easy to adapt.”

Jean (pictured, courtesy Ralph Notato, NDM) has done more than simply adapt. By most accounts, he's thrived. Here's what ESPN's Todd McShay observed:

"Jean stood out and surprised me the most. He is a big (6-2, 200 pounds), good-looking athlete. Jean is still developing into his body and needs to be more polished as a route-runner, but he has long arms, big strong hands and deceptive speed. He's a good athlete, and of all the wide receivers, he had the best morning."

“Somebody sent me a text and said that Todd McShay said I was the sleeper pick for this year,” Jean said. “I didn't even know he knew I existed.”

McShay expanded his thinking on Jean in a report that aired on SportsCenter. Follow this link, then click on the video to hear his comments. And, no, Jean didn't catch two touchdowns against Texas (Rob Housler did), but I'm sure Jean won't mind the publicity.

Jean said he's having a great time spending the week in Orlando. His helmet might be difficult to recognize during Saturday's game because he's been trading logo stickers with players from LSU, Michigan St. and Nebraska, among others.

The most memorable experience so far hasn't happened on the football field, though. It came when the players met with some of the children being treated in the Shriner's hospital.

“When we did that it was like a wake-up call – I realized that I am blessed.” Jean said. “What I do is a privilege. It is not a right I can take it for granted.”

Jean and the East receivers have been working with Detroit Lions wide receiver coach Shawn Jefferson.

“You are learning and you are showcasing at the same time,” Jean said. “He's teaching me little things that I should know and be ready to do if I do get next level.”

Kickoff for the East-West Shine will be Saturday at 4 p.m. The game will be televised on the NFL Network. Jean is one of four wide receivers on the East squad, so he should see plenty of playing time.

The receivers have been working in pairs and Jean expects each pair to rotate onto the field, alternating by series.

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January 20, 2011

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