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More from the good Jackson (FAU's Jervonte) and the bad one (hee hee)
When news broke that Oakland had released former Florida Atlantic linebacker Frantz Joseph, no one was more surprised than former teammate Jervonte Jackson.

"I'm mad for him," Jackson said. "I'll be the first one to jump off the roof to say that Frantz was the best linebacker I've ever played with."

As things stand right now, Jackson will head to Philadelphia's training camp on Sunday as the only Owl with a chance to make an NFL roster. Jackson doesn't expect to hold that status for very long, though. And he has good reason to feel that way.

Joseph (photo, right) will try out for New Orleans on Tuesday. Even if Joseph doesn't hook on with the Saints, Jackson is confident his former teammate will eventually land with an NFL club.

"That guy is the most determined guy I've ever met," Jackson said of Joseph. "Something like that slowing him down, that's not even going to be a problem. I know Frantz is going to bounce back three to ten times harder."

The Jackson family: Those who read the Philadelphia Inquirer story on Jackson's home life know the obstacles he's overcome simply to have a shot at reaching the NFL. It is kind of cool, though, that his ability to make the Eagles is directly tied to how well he's able to handle his brother, Jamaal Jackson.

Jamaal is Jackson's older brother by seven years. He's also the starting center for the Eagles, which means Jervonte is frequently matched against his bother in the trenches.

"He watched a lot of my college games," Jervonte said of Jamaal, who is always ready to offer his help. "He was my critic. I always say, my mom was my biggest fan, but he was my critic. He understands certain things that a defensive tackle should be good at."

For those who haven't seen it, we examined Jervonte's quest to make the Eagles in this story on the main site.

The Jackson fun: Switching Jackson families for a second, while waiting at a red light to enter campus today I was stuck behind a car with a bumper sticker that read "MICHAEL lives in all of us."

Setting aside the debate on the level of the gloved one's pedophilia, can we all just agree that perhaps some of us simply don't want Michael Jackson living anywhere near us?

Believe it or not, this car actually sported four bumper stickers pertaining to Michael Jackson's death - none of them supporting it by the way. We can only assume that driver had something really wrong with his bumper that he didn't want the cops to see.

Or maybe some of his buddies had a little fun after the bars closed last night.

It seems minor league baseball's St. Paul Saints have the right idea. They announced on Friday that as a way to commemorate the career of Michael Jackson (and the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing) they will give away Moonwalkers to the first 2,500 fans that pass through the gate for their August 28th game.

That's a photo of the giveaway on the right. According to the press release, fans will be invited to, "Turn on your favorite pop song, wind-up the doll, 'get on the floor' and watch as the Saints Moonwalker slides his feet and doesn't stop 'til he gets enough."

Those are the same Saints that employ Alex Fonseca, focus of last week's Former Owl Friday segment, as an infielder. St. Paul is the pioneer in crazy minor league baseball promotions and giveaways. On Monday they are giving away a souvenir cup (no, not the kind you drink out of) to the first 2,500 male and female fans.

I'm on St. Paul's mailing list through a previous gig and always look forward to their announcements. Here's a link to the Moonwalker story. Even their press releases are entertaining. will keep fans updated on the progress of Frantz Joseph and Jervonte Jackson. This, however, will likely be the last blog dealing with Michael.

July 24, 2009

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