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The life of Pali, and getting a little funkabilly
The Matt Pali story, which appears atop our main site, offers some interesting insight into baseball in Germany. Pali certainly seems to be enjoying his summer in Europe.

Pali has experienced his share of surprises, mostly of the off-the-field kind. He said the strangest thing that's happened to him so far was that he didn't allow for the change in the way electricity is delivered in Europe.

"I remember I asked a family I was staying with if they had any "normal" outlets...they laughed," Pali said in an email. "The problem was solved when a player loaned me a converter a week later."

The German baseball schedule seems to be built so that players can hold outside jobs. But Pali is unable to get a job because, he says, people basically have to be German citizens to be employed.

In his free time Pali has taken a trip to Holland, tried to see as much of Europe as possible, and watched some TV.

"I usually go to the gym every morning and hang out with the other American or a former Alligators player that speaks German and English," Pali said. "We watch a lot of ESPN America (a premium channel here) at his (apartment)."

He's also become a bit of a celebrity in the town Solingen. Being an American it is apparently pretty easy to pick Pali out in a crowd. And after his big weekend on the diamond, which included a three-home run game, the media is taking interest, too.

"I did an interview today for a German newspaper," Pali said. "It was kinda cool to express my ideas to him in English and see how he translated them."

Thos interested in learning more about the German baseball league can check out

Get the funk out: It's Saturday, and those looking for something interesting to do tonight should head over to Boston's in Delray. The Funkabilly Playboys (that's their pseudo-billboard at the top of the page) take the stage around 9 p.m. For those who have never experienced a Funkabilly's show, its a treat. They are one of those bands where every show offers different surprises.

Case in point: A few months ago toward the end of the show they asked the audience whether it would mind if they brought the guy who had been running their audio board up to the stage to play a little. Well the guy who happened to be running the board that night was Jeff Watkins, who spent more than a decade touring as the saxophonest for James Brown.

They played a couple of "traditional" sax songs, which were fantastic, then ended with Black Sabbath's "War Pigs." Think about that. Unbelievable.

Can't promise this type of thing will happen tonight, but do you want to risk missing it?

June 27, 2009

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