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Posts from July 2009

FAU 7 on 7 washout not a complete loss
Spent some time on campus on Wednesday and was really looking forward to watching the final 7 on 7 of the year. It started out great, mostly because their was plenty of cloud cover cooling off the fields.

That blessing became a curse a few minutes later when the skies opened. The Owls tossed the ball around in the rain for a little while before deciding to call off the workout. It was probably a smart move. There's no sense in risking injuries this close to the start of camp.

The afternoon wasn't a complete waste. Did get to talk with some of the players for a couple of upcoming stories. The video below was kind of a side project.

It took a little while to put the video together because we are playing with some new toys (this is our fall camp). This video helped work out some kinks in the system. It wasn't intended for publication initially, but now that it's finished we figure we may as well share. Found some of the comments interesting.

Hope you enjoy it. Preseason camp is a little more than a week away. That's when the real fun starts.

Former Owl Joseph to tryout for Baltimore
Frantz Joseph isn't going to sit around and wait for the Saints to call.

One day after his workout with New Orleans, Joseph learned Baltimore wants to look at him, Joseph's agent Latish Kinsler confirmed.

Joseph (photo) was back in Boca Raton working out on campus Wednesday afternoon, but a phone call from Kinsler cut the workout short.

Joseph had to catch a Wednesday evening flight to Baltimore. His workout with the Ravens is slated for Thursday morning. If all goes well the Ravens, who have already opened camp, could sign Joseph later in the day.

Baltimore's interest in Joseph predates the draft. Kinsler said the Ravens offered Joseph a free-agent contract following the draft, but he'd already signed with Oakland. The Raiders, of course, released Joseph a few weeks back after their OTA's.

Kinsler was in New Orleans for Joseph's Tuesday workout and Wednesday morning described Joseph's chances of signing with the Saints as being "a very good possibility." New Orleans, though, has yet to offer a deal.

Aside from the possibility of signing an NFL contract, the workout with the Ravens holds a couple more positives for Joseph. A workout for a third different NFL team confirms there is considerable interest in Joseph, who led the NCAA in total tackles last season.

There is also a strong connection between Kinsler and John Harbaugh, who's entering his second year at Baltimore's helm. Before jumping to the NFL one of Harbaugh's NCAA coaching stops was the University of Cincinnati, where Kinsler was one of his players.

At the very least, the relationship between between Kinsler and Harbaugh ought to produce an honest assessment of Joseph's NFL potential.

Be sure to check on Thursday for the latest on Joseph's quest.

Davis already fitting in at FAU
Mentioned in a story a few weeks back that 2009 signee Jamal Davis, a Coral Springs Charter grad, had been spending as much time as possible on campus with his new teammates. Spent a little time on FAU's campus on Monday and ran into the wide receiver before 7-on-7s.

He was marvelling at how hard Jeff Van Camp threw the ball, but other than that little comment Davis seemed to fit right in.

At times these last couple of months have felt a little like the Summer of Davis at Faithful readers will recall we did several stories about his play in the Junior World Championships of American Football tournament. Of course, he prompted a couple of those articles by making some big catches.

The Owls have depth at wide receiver this season, so Davis will likely redshirt. That isn't written in stone, however. Rusty Smith had some good things to say about his newest target, but Van Camp will likely be the first to benefit from Davis' size and speed.

Hope you enjoy the above video. Less than two weeks until camp begins.

More from the good Jackson (FAU's Jervonte) and the bad one (hee hee)
When news broke that Oakland had released former Florida Atlantic linebacker Frantz Joseph, no one was more surprised than former teammate Jervonte Jackson.

"I'm mad for him," Jackson said. "I'll be the first one to jump off the roof to say that Frantz was the best linebacker I've ever played with."

As things stand right now, Jackson will head to Philadelphia's training camp on Sunday as the only Owl with a chance to make an NFL roster. Jackson doesn't expect to hold that status for very long, though. And he has good reason to feel that way.

Joseph (photo, right) will try out for New Orleans on Tuesday. Even if Joseph doesn't hook on with the Saints, Jackson is confident his former teammate will eventually land with an NFL club.

"That guy is the most determined guy I've ever met," Jackson said of Joseph. "Something like that slowing him down, that's not even going to be a problem. I know Frantz is going to bounce back three to ten times harder."

The Jackson family: Those who read the Philadelphia Inquirer story on Jackson's home life know the obstacles he's overcome simply to have a shot at reaching the NFL. It is kind of cool, though, that his ability to make the Eagles is directly tied to how well he's able to handle his brother, Jamaal Jackson.

Jamaal is Jackson's older brother by seven years. He's also the starting center for the Eagles, which means Jervonte is frequently matched against his bother in the trenches.

"He watched a lot of my college games," Jervonte said of Jamaal, who is always ready to offer his help. "He was my critic. I always say, my mom was my biggest fan, but he was my critic. He understands certain things that a defensive tackle should be good at."

For those who haven't seen it, we examined Jervonte's quest to make the Eagles in this story on the main site.

The Jackson fun: Switching Jackson families for a second, while waiting at a red light to enter campus today I was stuck behind a car with a bumper sticker that read "MICHAEL lives in all of us."

Setting aside the debate on the level of the gloved one's pedophilia, can we all just agree that perhaps some of us simply don't want Michael Jackson living anywhere near us?

Believe it or not, this car actually sported four bumper stickers pertaining to Michael Jackson's death - none of them supporting it by the way. We can only assume that driver had something really wrong with his bumper that he didn't want the cops to see.

Or maybe some of his buddies had a little fun after the bars closed last night.

It seems minor league baseball's St. Paul Saints have the right idea. They announced on Friday that as a way to commemorate the career of Michael Jackson (and the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing) they will give away Moonwalkers to the first 2,500 fans that pass through the gate for their August 28th game.

That's a photo of the giveaway on the right. According to the press release, fans will be invited to, "Turn on your favorite pop song, wind-up the doll, 'get on the floor' and watch as the Saints Moonwalker slides his feet and doesn't stop 'til he gets enough."

Those are the same Saints that employ Alex Fonseca, focus of last week's Former Owl Friday segment, as an infielder. St. Paul is the pioneer in crazy minor league baseball promotions and giveaways. On Monday they are giving away a souvenir cup (no, not the kind you drink out of) to the first 2,500 male and female fans.

I'm on St. Paul's mailing list through a previous gig and always look forward to their announcements. Here's a link to the Moonwalker story. Even their press releases are entertaining. will keep fans updated on the progress of Frantz Joseph and Jervonte Jackson. This, however, will likely be the last blog dealing with Michael.

Schnellenberger showing patience with proposed FAU Stadium
Although the Florida Atlantic stadium project may not be proceeding as quickly as some would have hoped, leave it to Florida Atlantic football coach Howard Schnellenberger to put Wednesday's actions by the Board of Trustees in perspective.

When I saw Schnellenberger Thursday morning he was quite happy with the BOT approving a deal with Crocker Partners to build $69 million worth of student housing as part of the first stage of the Innovation Village.

"The ball is rolling and it's unstoppable," Schnellenberger said.

There was no hand-wringing from the venerable coach who would seem to be the first person in the world to want FAU's stadium built sooner rather than later.

But Schnellenberger has plenty of perspective. He tried to get Miami to build on-campus stadium and it never happened. Then he tried to get one built at Louisville and it was finally built after he left.

Now Schnellenberger knows he will be able to see this stadium be built - and whether is up by 2010 or 2011 isn't a major concern.

FAU Attorney David Kian said the deal with Corcker Brothers needs to be closed and then a loan can be secured for stadium construction. Right now the closing is expected around Feb. 1, which would seem to indicate that 2011 is the more likely first year the Owls will play on campus even though Kian said if the phone rang tomorrow with someone who wanted to underwrite the project, he could have shovels in the ground in short order and have the stadium up by early Fall 2010.

Of course that hasn't happened yet so it looks like 2011 is more likely the target date. That may not exactly be the news FAU fans were hoping for, but it will have to do.

"With the approval of this pre-development deal we have turned the corner with Innovation Village," Kian said. "At the end of the day we will have 12 milion dollars in our pocket and we will have stadium. The rest is just details."

If that's good enough for Schnellenberger, it should be good enough for all of us.
FAU's quest for stadium inches forward
By now you have probably heard there was a major development concerning Florida Atlantic's football stadium on Wednesday.

And the most significant news about where the Owls will play their football games in the future came when the Baltimore Orioles decided to move their spring training to Sarasota, apparently ensuring Lockhart Stadium will be around for the next several years. Unfortunately, it looks like this news will impact FAU, because it seems like there is little chance the Owls will be playing on campus in 2010.

Oh, some are saying there was some big "stadium news" coming out of the FAU Board of Trustees meeting as officials signed a development deal with Crocker Partners to get the first stage of the Innovation Village rolling.

Kudos to FAU for making progress, but the biggest question of the die-hard football fans I talk to wasn't addressed. When will FAU break ground on the stadium and will it be ready by 2010?

I'm all for "due dillegence" but it was hardly re-assuring that Innnovation Village point man David Kian was emphatic in saying the money FAU will get from Crocker Partners isn't necessarily all going to stadium financing.

"This is an absolutely stand-alone project," Kian told trustees. "The revenue this project derives can be applied to a stadium. It can be applied to other projects as well that are a part of Innovation Village."

While the deal with Crocker Partners is a step (albeit a baby one) in the right direction in terms of FAU finally getting its on-campus stadium, there are too many things that have to to happen before ground-breaking - including securing naming rights.

FAU is still holding out hope it can play perhaps some late-season games in the propsed new stadium in 2010. I say what FAU should really be happy about is that Lockhart Stadium will still be around for a few more years. You know, just in case this project keeps at the current pace.
No Media Days hurts FAU

NOT NEW ORLEANS - If this had been any other year I would be drinking my cafe au lait and dusting the powdered sugar off my keyboard to write this blog after polishing off an order of beignets at Cafe du Monde. But also I would be and preparing for an afternoon of talking with coaches, players and writers from other Sun Belt Schools.

But I'm far from New Orleans - as is every other writer who covers the Sun Belt after the Sun Belt cancelled its annual Media Days in New Orleans in favor of a "Cutting Edge Media Day Experience" over the internet. Oooh, I can hardly wait. Perhaps if all goes well I'll be able to add Sun Belt Commissioner Wright Waters as a friend on Facebook and we can be BFFs!

It can be debated about how valuable the Media Days really were, but in my experience they were always extremely productive.

This was a chance to clear the air on plenty of issues. It would be worth the cost of flying to the Crescent City alone to see Waters squirm as writers from Arkansas State and Louisiana-Lafayette ask the big guy a few questions about that stellar "bowl agreement" the SBC will be crowing about. And some writers apparently have a beef with Troy coach Larry Blakeney and his practice of "oversigning" players. This would have been a great forum to get to the bottom of these issues. "Virtual interviewing" questions just doesn't have the same effect

Frankly, all I can see is that the Sun Belt Conference canceled its Media Days for lack of interest. That doesn't bode well for the league. As the Orlando Sentinel detailed earlier this month several conferences have changed the formats of their media days to save money. However, Conference USA and the Sun Belt are the only I-A conferences to not have a face-to-face meeting with their coaches and media members who provide valuable publicity to their conference. C-USA and the Sun Belt - well that's the two conferences I think of when I hear the words "cutting-edge."

The real crime in this is that the school that is hurt the most is Florida Atlantic. When Howard Schnellenberger speaks in a room full of reporters, pens are usually moving quite fast. More often than not, no matter what the other schools are doing, something Howard says will be the headline in newspapers throughout the South.

Selfishly, I could use a little time in New Orleans, but I think the Sun Belt needs to bring back its traditional Media Days format to help the schools get the publicity they deserve. For the conference itself to say it's not relevant enough to bring in a coach and a player from each school for two days sends the wrong message.

I suspect I will get over this, and maybe I'll get that trip to the Big Easy for the New Orleans Bowl in December. That is, unless the Sun Belt decided to go with a "virtual, cutting-edge bowl experience"
First depth chart of pre-season is out
With the opening of pre-season training camp approaching, it's appropriate to look at the first official depth chart which has been released.

I call it the "pre" pre-season chart and, like most depth chart it's outdated almost as soon as its printed.

That said, it does give a good indication of where certain players are. In our position-by-position previews, we will try and provide an update on the depth chart as we get ready for the opening of training camp on Aug. 9.

Here's the official chart.


Cortez Gent
Lester Jean

Chris Bonner
Conshario Johnson

Lavoris Williams
Troy Niblack

David Matlock
Sam McCroy

Ryan Wischnefski
Jordan Sessa

Kevin Miller
Erik Hansen

Carl Spitale
Jared Pizutti

Rusty Smith
Jeff Van Camp

Alfred Morris
Willie Floyd

William Rose
David Muniz


Kevin Cyrille
Paul Muse

Dino Cox
Jarvis Givens

Josh Savidge
Andy Czuprynski

Daniel Joseph
Jamere Johhnson

Malik Eugene
Yourhigness Morgan

Michael Lockley
Alex Pattee

Edward Bradwell
Tony Walding

Erick McIntosh
Tavious Polo

Austin Jensen
Marcus Bartels

Ed Alexander
Rod Huggins

Tavoris Hill
Curtis Cross

Ross Gornall
Michael Cal

Keegan Peterson
Mickey Groody
Former FAU QB Jared Allen joins coaching staff

There will be a familiar face on the practice field at the Oxley Center and on the FAU sidelines this fall.

Former quarterback Jared Allen is joining the coaching staff as a graduate assistant. For new FAU fans, Allen was the Owls' quarterback the first four years of the program's existence, but for those who were around then Allen needs no introduction.

Allen was a great ambassador of FAU football in the early years and has been to a few road games since then.

If Allen wants to get into the coaching profession, this will be a great opportunity. He knows the FAU offense about as well as anyone and if Jeff Brohm were to leave in the next few years, Allen would make an outstanding quarterbacks coach.

Until then, I'm sure he'll learn plenty from Brohm and, once again, Howard Schnellenberger.

Summer reading: The 2009 FAU football media guide is out and Katrina McCormack and the sports information staff have produced a stellar guide to Owls football. Unfortunately this could be the last guide published as many schools (including Michigan and Ohio State this season) are choosing to put their guides on the internet only.

Anyway this year's guide really plays up the "Football in Paradise" theme with the trophies from the 2007 New Orleans Bowl and the 2008 Motor City Bowl sitting on the beach.

Aside from being visually appealing, here a few tidbits I picked up on my first perusal of this year's guide.

  • The Sept. 19 game at South Carolina is listed as being on TV. I inquired about this and was told here is no deal in place yet and the channel hasn't been determined yet, but the game will be televised.

  • FAU is scheduled to play at Auburn on Sept. 24, 2011. The non-conference games that year are at Florida (Sept. 3), at Michigan State (Sept. 10) and at UAB (Dec. 10). Two SEC teams and a Big 10 team in the same year reminds me of some of the "Advanced Training" schedules of 2006 and 2007.

  • There is a page touting radio coverage of the Owls, but oddly enough it doesn't list any stations thst carry the game. It looks like FAU's three-year run on 640-AM is over after that station has signed on to carry USF games this fall.
  • Black Tuesday as former FAU linebacker Joseph is waived by Raiders

    No Florida Atlantic player has made the regular-season roster of a National Football League team, and the odds just got a lot slimmer that the streak will be snapped this season.

    The ranks of former Owls who will be heading to NFL training camps was cut in half Tuesday when linebacker Frantz Joseph was waived by the Raiders.

    Jervonte Jackson is still scheduled to report to Philadelphia Eagles training camp later this month, but it was always assumed Joseph had the best chance to be the first Owl to play in the NFL.

    After all, it was Joseph who had the ESPN crew in tow at FAU's Pro Day. And there were plenty of articles written out of Oakland raving about Joseph's play.

    Well, that apparently didn't impress the Raiders who unceremoniously dumped Joseph before training camp even began.

    Joseph might land on his feet. Joseph said he had offers from the Ravens and the Redskins before he signed as a free agent after being shunned in the NFL Draft.

    We'll see, but for now all the Owl fans who bought a Frantz Joseph Raiders jersey had better trade it in for an Eagles' jersey with Jackson's name on the back.
    FAU's Adams, Garton selected Ripken All-Stars
    Last week we told you about the success Florida Atlantic pitchers Hugh Adams and Ryan Garton were experiencing in the Cal Ripken Sr. Collegiate Summer Baseball League. The pair's performances haven't gone unnoticed.

    Both Adams and Garton have been selected to the Ripken League All-Star Game. The best of the Ripken League will face the Valley League All-Stars on Wednesday in Waldorf, Maryland.

    FAU's Adams is 4-1 with a 2.25 ERA in five games for Bethesda. Fellow Owl Garton is 2-1 with a 0.49 ERA for the Maryland Redbirds.

    Adams and Garton aren't the only FAU players in the Ripken League. Ahmed Garcia is 0-0 with a 3.00 record in three games as Adams' teammate in Bethesda. Garcia was orignially slated to be playing in the Prospect League in Illinios, but a roster issue predicated the switch.

    Heading into the summer the Owls expected to have two players in the Prospect League, but ended up with zero. Brent Adheen elected to stay in Boca Raton for the summer to concentrate on academics.

    In other summer news, Barry Rooks (photo) has joined the St. Cloud River Bats of the Northwoods League. Rooks expected to start the summer in the Northwoods League, but a family issue kept him away until this past week. Rooks has appeared in one game so far, allowing one earned run in two innings of work.

    Check back with to keep up-to-date on all the FAU summer action.

    Brogan leaving would be bad news for FAU

    There was a bit of a pall at the Oxley Center on Thursday after FAU President Frank Brogan made it official that he was throwing his hat in the ring to become the next chancellor of the state university system. Many think his applying for the position is merely a formality and he will be offered, and will accept the job.

    Most of the people in the athletic department I talked with all said the same thing - Brogan leaving is not a good thing.

    No one is terribly excited about the thought of trying to raise money for a stadium while an interim president is providing leadership, to say nothing of the long-term prospects of hiring a new president who may or may not be enthusiastic about athletics.

    I know Brogan has plenty of detractors - as anyone who sits in the president's chair would. But as far athletics goes, Brogan always supported his Owls. Seeing Brogan at most home and away football games wasn't what showed me he was a big supporter of FAU sports. It was when he took a seat at the women's basketball games or mid-week baseball games.

    Some say Brogan could have done more to advance the stadium effort, but it's funny to see many who took Brogan to task for not doing enough heap on the praise now that he is apparently leaving. It's a natural reaction to facing a future with an FAU president who may not care as much about the western edge of campus as Brogan. And that's a real - and scary - possibility.
    Bonner, Williams helping FAU signee Davis adjust to college life
    In one of the stories about 2009 signee Jamal Davis' adventures while playing for Team USA in the Junior World Championships of American Football, the future FAU wide receiver mentioned that he's spent some time during his three weeks in Canton, Ohio on the phone with current Owls Chris Bonner and Darian Williams.

    Caught up with that pair earlier this week. Davis (photo, receiving congratulations after catching a touchdown pass in the gold medal game) said Bonner was offering tips for beating a certain type of coverage. Bonner got more specific.

    "They were playing what we call a 'catch technique,'" Bonner said. "They sit around either seven or 12 yards deep and will sit with their feet squared and just try to knock you off path. I was just giving him tips on what to do - how to get around it and how to beat it - because he was kind of confused as to what to do."

    Bonner was Davis' host during his official recruiting visit and the pair bonded. Since signing with FAU, Davis has attended spring meetings and even participated in some summer workouts.

    Bonner also invites him over to just to hang out.

    "I kind of took him under my wing and showed him everything he was going to be experiencing so it wouldn't catch him off guard," Bonner said. "Most of the time in the high school-to-college transition, that's the thing that's hard and you don't have someone there to tell you what to do."

    Davis' relationship with Williams goes back even further. The pair played little league football together. Davis' father even coached Williams at one point.

    Williams signed with FAU as a wide receiver in 2007 but has since moved to tight end. He was particularly pleased when Davis chose to play in Boca Raton.

    "I've known him since we were kids, so I talk to him like he's a little brother," Williams said. congratulates Davis on his success in the tournament.

    Former FAU golfer Carafiello tees off in U. S. Women's Open on Thursday
    FAU fans looking for a reason to watch this week's U. S. Women's Open golf tournament need look no further than Jessica Carafiello.

    The former Owl has spent the past five years playing on the women's futures tour. She qualified for this week's event by shooting a two-over 146 at the par-72 Westmoreland Country Club in June's sectional qualifying event in Wilmette, Ill.

    As an Owl Carafiello (photo, courtesy Phil Rudich - LehighValleyLive) was selected to the 2001 Atlantic Sun All Freshman team and was a second-team All Atlantic Sun choice in 2004. As a pro, her career earnings are just shy of $9,000. Prior to qualifing for the U. S. Open, Carafiello's biggest accomplishment was qualifiying for the women's Canadian Open.

    The tournament is being held at the Saucon Valley Country Club's old course in Bethlehem, Penn.

    ESPN will televise Thursday's and Friday's rounds from 2-6 p.m. NBC picks up the coverage on the weekend, airing the tournament from 3-6 p.m. Carafiello will tee off at 2:42 on Thursday, so there is a chance she could be shown. will keep you posted on how she does.
    Former LB Joseph back practicing at FAU

    How does an NFL player kill the time between optional summer workouts and the start of training camp?

    Former Florida Atlantic linebacker Frantz Joseph is back on the Boca Raton campus, staying in shape by working out with current Owl players.

    Joseph (top photo, right), who signed a free agent contract with Oakland this earlier this year, returned to South Florida last week and has a couple weeks left before he's slated to return of the Bay Area.

    He spent part of Monday afternoon on the fields behind the Oxley Center working on individual drills before joining the current Owls for some seven on seven action.

    "Nobody else is really doing football activities, so you are kind of on your own," Joseph said.

    Joseph's adjustment to pro ball has been pretty smooth so far. While he's surprised by the sheer size of the defensive linemen, the Raiders defensive scheme is similar enough to what FAU runs that the transition hasn't been too difficult.

    What's really impressed Joseph has been the intelligence of his teammates.

    "The only difference that I can see is that everybody is smarter," Joseph said. "You are not going to find too many guys that don't know what they are doing or not knowing where to go. They are professionals so everybody knows what to do."

    Joseph had spent plenty of time talking with Jervonte Jackson, comparing Oakland's workouts with those in Philadelphia. Jackson, a former FAU defensive lineman, signed a free agent deal with the Eagles days after Joseph inked with the Raiders.

    Now that he's back in Boca, Joseph has attained near celebrity status. Though none of the current Owls have asked Joseph for a free dinner, they are interested in the NFL life.

    "Guys are definitely asking questions, trying to find out the difference and what you have to do to succeed on the next level," Joseph said.

    As he sat on the bench in front of the Oxley Center sporting an Oakland Raiders shirt (lower photo), Joseph said the best part of the NFL experience so far is the simple fact that he is still playing football.

    "A lot of guys that you played with and are your friends and you are so used to being there, they are not even playing anymore," Joseph said. "I've been blessed with the ability to keep going."

    Does FAU recruit Davis have a trick up his sleeve?
    The Fourth of July is a baseball day. On the day after, it's OK to talk football.

    Those of you looking for a reason to sit on the couch all afternoon while nursing a Fourth of July hangover should remember to check out the gold medal game of the IFAF Junior World Championship of American Football, which airs today at 1 p.m. on Fox College Sports Atlantic.

    Wide receiver Jamal Davis (photo), a member of FAU's 2009 signing class, will be playing in that game.

    For those who missed the story about the tournament we posted on, here's the link.

    Davis, who has caught three passes in the first two games of the tournament, might offer a surprise during today's game against Canada.

    It seems he's spent much of his three weeks in Canton, Ohio, trying to convince his coaches to let him throw the ball via and end around or double pass. Davis said the U. S. squad was going to work on just such a play in the days leading up to today's championship game.

    "I don't know how I'm able to throw because I've never been taught," Davis said. "I just go out there and throw it and it always looks good. I guess they are going to come up with something where I can throw it."

    Davis didn't play quarterback at Coral Springs Charter, but if he throws as well as he says, he could become an interesting offensive weapon for the Owls. Besides, who doesn't love trick plays?.

    "I'm trying to do something so I can get remembered," said Davis. "In practice I am always joking around saying that I can play quarterback - doing three step drops and warming up the quarterback, and saying that I can throw it better than him."

    Did have a couple of people ask me how Davis ended up on the team. The U. S. coach is Chuck Kyle, who was the high school coach of FAU assistant Dale Williams. Kyle asked Williams if he could recommend a high school player for the team. Williams suggested Davis.

    "Jamal definitely belongs here and we love the fact that he's here," Kyle said.
    Bukovich, Delguidice and Adams enjoying summer success
    It's not certain that our founders intended us to celebrate the Fourth of July with over indulgence and explosions in the sky, but I'm sure they wouldn't have minded too much. And baseball surely wasn't on the minds of the signers of the Declaration of Independence when they committed what was then considered one of the greatest acts of treason - the game wasn't invented for another 100 or so years. If still around today they probably wouldn't mind the idea of a beer and a ballgame.

    While Florida Atlantic's baseball season is long over, most FAU players are spending their summer playing in independent collegiate leagues. A few of them are having pretty good success.

    Infielder Sean Bukovich didn't sign with Waynesboro of the Valley League until a little more than a week ago, but he is making up for lost time by hitting hitting .440 in seven games.

    Shortstop Nick Delguidice is also enjoying success at the plate. He's has been in and out of the Florida Collegiate Summer League's Top 10 in hitting since the start of the season. Delguidice entered Saturday hitting .295, good enough for 11th in the league.

    And how about Hugh Adams' start in the Cal Ripken Sr. Collegiate Baseball League? Adams (photo) enters Saturday's action sporting a 4-0 record and a 0.40 ERA in 22 2/3 innings. A freshman in 2009, Adams started the season as the Owls closer before struggling and moving to middle relief.

    FAU coach John McCormack sees Adams becoming a front of the rotation starter during his career. At times during 2009 Adams appeared to lack the confidence to fulfill that promise. If he can keep up this kind of performance throughout the summer Adams may enter 2010 with all the confidence he needs.

    Adams' strong stats overshadow the numbers being posted by his FAU and Ripken Sr. teammate Ryan Garton. The righthander who was 0-1 with a 6.95 ERA during his freshman season is currently 2-1 with a 0.57 ERA in 15 2/3 innings. will continue to track these players throughout the summer.

    So there's a little dose of FAU baseball to satisfy your Independence Day appetite. Hope your day is fun and safe. And may everything explode on cue.


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