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Miami-Coral Reef running back Brendon Clements, an FAU commit, is concerned he hasn't heard yet from the new FAU coaching regime.


Shoring up the base

New FAU football coach Carl Pelini has talked with some FAU recruits, but committed players from Miami-Dade County are concerned about the silence.

Originally published on 12/13/2011

by Chuck King

Carl Pelini hit the Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast recruiting trails during his first week as Florida Atlantic's new football coach, but the lack of contact in Miami-Dade has given some previous Owl commits reason for concern.

Miami-Braddock running back Jarvon Anderson and Miami-Coral Reef defensive back Brendon Clements both said they're waiting to hear from the man who they hope will be their new coach.

“You have to be concerned when you don't hear anything from the school you are supposed to be going to,” Clements said on Monday night. “I'm still committed as of right now but, I'm on the verge of de-committing because I haven't heard anything.”

Anderson said his commitment is still strong and he's excited about reports that FAU will run the spread offense.

His main concern is whether defensive line coach Johnny Frost, who recruited Miami-Dade County for FAU, and running backs coach David Serna will be retained by Pelini, saying  if they weren't still members of the coaching staff, “That would probably be a deal breaker.”

“They are the only two coaches that I've talked to who've seen me play,” Anderson explained.

Georgia-Stephenson running back T. J. Moon said he also hasn't heard from anyone with the new staff but expected that it would take a while for coaches to settle in.

Part of the reason for the delay in contacting previous commitments could stem from the need for  incoming assistants need to be officially hired by the school before they can recruit. Once their employment becomes official, trips to Miami-Dade County would likely happen shortly thereafter.

Pelini and Jared Allen have been contacting Palm Beach County recruits in recent days. The quarterback coach and recruiter of Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast as part of Howard Schnellenberger's staff, the presence of Allen on Pelini's trips would seem to indicate that Allen is likely to be retained for the upcoming season.

No other former FAU coaches are on the recruiting trail for FAU.

Pelini and Allen visited with Delray Beach-Atlantic wide receiver Chad Ward on Friday. One of the first players to commit to FAU, Ward is already planning to take an official visit to Middle Tennessee on January 21. He said the meeting with Pelini went well.

“Everything is good,” Ward said. “I'm still committed, but I'm still open to recruitment.”

Texas-Kempner defensive lineman Shalom Ogbonda said he's also been in contact with Allen, his original recruiter. Ogbonda was told to expect a visit from an FAU coach in the coming weeks and is looking forward to making his first visit to Boca Raton.

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